Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This last year I have been mega broke. I understand that these things are all relative and I am very lucky and lots of people would love to be in my position but things have been tight. I have had negative disposable income. Now I have got a well paid, if temporary, job (hurrah) and that is great but my perception of value has definitely been warped/corrected. I can't wrap my head around high street prices. I have bought a couple of bits in the sales since I've been paid and they have felt like a major commitment. Wandering around the shops looking at current season stuff I can't quite imagine buying any of it. Partially this is the eBay effect but maybe everything is just massively overpriced? I can't work out what constitutes good value anymore.

Example: this Gap dress is super cute. It is even nicer in real life that online. The chambray denim is soft, the dots are minimal but interesting, the casual style details are just right. I can think of many picturesque situations that it would be just right for. Imagine the brunch you could eat in this dress! But surely it isn't worth £50? Mass market. Denim dress. £50. This doesn't seem to add up to me. Or does it? I don't know any more. I've been brooding on it too much. What do you think? Am I wrong? What would you call a reasonable price for this dress?

Chuck x


  1. Chuck, I know exactly what you mean. I found a cute cover up but it was going for $50 USD ON SALE. How ridiculous is that. I guess maybe I think that way because I can buy awesome stuff for around $20 USD from Target?

  2. I have a similar version of that dress, I think? In a plain navy material. I like it! It's actually the first ~major retailer purchase I've made in a long while (friend's employee discount was too tempting!) My opinion is that it's supercute, something that can be easily worn for all kinds of occasions, and you should go for it if you have a bit of cash to spare.

    I, personally, don't have a "real job" and rely on income that is sometimes great and sometimes nonexistent, so I understand the extreme anxiety that can come from ANY purchase. Plus, it's definitely a weird thing, getting in the habit of making infrequent but "special" purchases and then contemplating a purchase from a "normal" place. A couple months ago, I went to the mall with my mom and was trying to explain to her that I prefer buying second hand or from independent designers and I think she thought the very daughter she gave life to was an alien.

    1. I totally agree, I've had a really broke year too (relatively speaking) and now things are easing off I'm scared to go near the shops for fear of just being too outraged. It doesn't help that my mum works in a charity shop and now all of us struggle with anything new or 'normal' price. It's a sign of the times too of course. I don't mind spending more on bags and jeans though, so that's my effort at getting the high street moving again. I reckon that dress should be half that price- but maybe that's just me! x

  3. £50 is a LOT! I love that dress though x

  4. I've always wondered if I was alone in experiencing that moment where I look at something, fall in love, and then see the price and go "what the hell is that number? Really?" Obviously not. I'm always on a strict budget and, therefore, bargains are my best friend when it comes to indulging in clothing. I cannot shake the feeling of being ripped off when I see certain things at ridiculous prices. Lately I've been wondering if there would be more value in constructing my own clothing. It might be more worthwhile in the long run.