Monday, July 9, 2012

Go Graduates

Guess who has a (hopefully) functioning laptop? Me, that's who. Sure, my bad machine/technology karma possibly knocked out a car along the way but, fingers crossed, it is over. Oh, please god, let it be over.

I'm going to mix up my pro-graduate cheerleading with some shoes because shoes are awesome and these shoes are rather beautiful. They are from 2012 RCA graduate Maurice van de Stouwe and I don't know anything about him or his motivation. I haven't read about how the collection is derived from the beauty of Proust or the purity of mathematics or the struggles of urban youth. Maybe those explanations exist and maybe they are rational and eloquent but I only looked at the images on his spartan website.

The shoes and the heels particularly owe quite a lot to Balenciaga but that's no bad thing. The heels are beautiful and the black and white is clean and the leather is pure and the details are simple but interesting. I don't know where a second collection would develop from here, whether he would develop a distinct style, but this feels like a good place to start. I would love to wear these.

Aren't young people clever?

Chuck x


  1. Whoa, I'd love to rock those heels anywhere really

  2. flipping awesome, go grads!

  3. i think without realising your "go grads" title got into my head cos i called a photo of my gf at her graduation "go grads", you're messing with my mind

  4. Oh geesh. Those shoes are just pure art, I'd probably cry if I had to wear them knowing my klutziness..

  5. You are talking "young people" as if you are 100. :D Such an adorable sweetheart! :) The shoes are to die for. What a find! x