Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Different Kind of Cake

It was someone's (read: my) birthday this week. Because he is the best boyfriend ever R bought me a Gelupo ice cream cake. Gelupo remains one of my absolute favourite places in London - its ice cream is leaps and bounds better than its nearest competitor in the metrop and it is probably in my Top 5 global ice cream destinations. I actually wrote a mini rhapsody about it almost exactly a year ago. Seriously good shit.

Above is hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate. Oh yeah... I maintain that cold, soggy sponge is morally dubious but perhaps it is necessary for structural integrity? I tried some to experience the full effect and then chose to eat around it. It was my birthday after all. I am still high on the pleasure of a birthday shaped mound of Gelupo deliciousness left in my freezer.

Times are good. Londoners, please tell me you've been to Gelupo? I am basically a spokesperson for them these days, I have dragged so many people there to sample the wares, we can bond over flavours. Non-Londoners, if there is a way for you to get to the city to stuff yourself full of ice cream I would highly recommend it. Always interested to garner local ice cream suggestions too though.

Chuck x


  1. that looks delicious & happy belated birthday!

    the next time i go to london (oh how i wish that would be soon), i'm definitely going to gelupo.

  2. GAHHHH, that looks so good. And happiest of birthdays. I would bring you a cake too if I could!

  3. He's a keeper for buying that!

  4. Erm nope I have never been, this is definitely on my radar now, I NEED to go. x

  5. Happy belated birthday! Mine is next week, although I doubt I'll get a cake to rival yours.