Monday, June 4, 2012

Go Graduates

I really need to make more of an effort to keep up with the world's various fashion grads. You stop paying attention and you miss out on a veritable plethora of young talent. Also, I find it reassuring and inspiring to see the youf of today flourishing creatively against the odds. Go us/them!

I recently came across the work of Yvonne Lin. I don't know much about her other than she recently graduated from Ryerson University in Canada and she was a wicked way with white. The below looks are from her FORMATION collection for which there is a vaguely incomprehensible explanation here. There is architecture and algorithms and some rather hazy philosophising. Who knows? As is often the case, the verbal representation of visual inspiration leaves something to be desired. Luckily the collection itself is rather  lovely. The textures she manages to produce within a single colour are amazing - slashing, stretching, folding, multiple kinds of smocking. It makes a quite simple, monochrome collection visually exciting. I think it's beautiful.

Slashed lamb skin leather jacket / Stretch denim trousers with honeycomb smocking

Bamboo jersey top with honeycomb smocking / Pleated leather skirt

Bamboo jersey top with lozenge smocking / Stretch denim trousers with slashed leather details

Pictures c/o Artsthread

Lovely, yes? It makes me want to take another stab at uni-colour dressing (totally a thing) although not white obviously - tomato ketchup etc. Something darker and more forgiving of stains would probably be sensible. I also need to think more about complex textures. I like to mix up cashmere and leather and cotton and silk but I don't own anything nearly as considered as Lin's work and that is sad. I will be keeping my eye out for an achievable version.

*Woop* Cheer-leading for graduates. It is that time of year so hopefully I will be featuring a few more in the coming week. They deserve all the support they can get.

Chuck x


  1. Yep - that is pretty incredible!

  2. Rather nice, I always quite fancy dressing all in one colour. The Spanish do it very well. x

  3. Double cheer for graduates!

    I do wish though the verbal and written description of the designs were better articulated. Being a writer, I'm curious about how design translates into words, and also, just generally interested in where the inspiration and themes come from.

  4. perfect outfit!!


  5. i think this could make a great good feature, if you can keep finding them? be good though. the slashing seems so intricate, it's a pretty cool effect that it leaves. the honeycomb too, really effective.

    well i can relate to how you're feeling, i'm such in a none creative place which doesn't help the situation. did i have anything in mind? not really but a couple of people have mentioned creating a zine of some kind.