Saturday, June 9, 2012

Five Favourite Friday Fings

Clockwise from top left:
I've got a soft spot for classical mythology. The stories, strange and violent and ancient and magical, and the art they have inspired. Caleb Luke Lin has done a series of Artemis screen prints and they're lovely. His style is charming and I just can't resist the subject matter. Above is Artemis & Actaeon and I want it. Sadly this print is out of his store but Artemis & Orion, Artemis & Callisto and Artemis, Iphegenia & Agamemnon are available.

Elizabeth does the best nail art. Fact. I've featured her a bunch of time but I think that her Comme des Garcons nails might be my favourite to date. They're so awesome! I really need to get some nail art pens.

I got a bit overexcited when I saw Leah Goren's collaboration with Anthropologie. I've followed her work for a long time (I'm still sad I missed out on her bacon tank top) and like to longingly browse her Etsy store. I'm so glad she is getting some mainstream appreciation although I hope Anthropologie don't mess her around. One hears dodgy things about how they treat illustrators... Anyway, fingers crossed for her. The polar bear dress is so sweet and the tulips too - it's a beautiful collection. Via Honey Kennedy.

I don't know who these ladies are or where they came from but I'm a bit in love with them. They're so dapper! Don't you want to hang out with them? Wearing the Pants always have great images.

Someone who knows me well pointed out the Kenzo x Vans summer collection a while ago. She knew I would love it and I totally did. I Heart my Vans. A lot. It turns out that they're not brilliant wet weather shoes (learnt that the hard way) but they are blissfully comfy. I also really like what Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are doing at Kenzo. The net print and the colours are fun and vibrant and there are few things I love more than when fashion meets comfort. Mmm, comfort... The best. These are dropping mid-month until the end of July in Harvey Nics in the UK. Temptation.

Seen anything exciting recently?
Chuck x


  1. Oh yeah, the prints on those clothes are pretty amazing. Drooling...

  2. so much inspiration!love all the pics, comme des garcons nails are awesome!Kisses!

  3. I *love* those nails - thank you so much for sharing - they are amazing!

  4. The print of the dress is so fantastic! I'm also really liking the screen print.

  5. OMG, those nails are fierce and my i'm in love with that tumblr about women wearing pants :) have missed coming to your blog - dunno where the hell i've been! xxx