Saturday, May 19, 2012

Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go has been half-heartedly on my To Read/To Watch list for a while. The premise sounded interesting and I love Carey Mulligan and there was a lot of hype but I still bear a lingering resentment towards the author of The Remains of the Day (not a fan) and I'm not keen on Keira Knightley and there was a lot of hype. I have mixed feelings on hype. Anyway, my mental pros and cons list basically balanced out and I never quite got round to it... until now. One of the joys of Lovefilm is that eventually you have to watch all of the films you are idly interested in - our subscription has expanded my cinematographic landscape a lot. And guess what? I feel as apathetic about the film as I did before I watched it! I was unimpressed. There is a sense of an interesting book behind the film, I wouldn't rule out reading it, but I don't think the film works. It is flat and the characters are insubstantial and unsympathetic and it just feels like it is failing to meet intentions. Meh. That said, it is very beautiful and quietly atmospheric. Norfolk and Clevedon pier are lovely, the muted colour palette is soothing and the clothes are great. All the browns and greens and grey are strangely compelling. Faded student/charity shop chic at its best. And I still love Carey Mulligan.

She is perfect.

Such lovely colours. Such lovely Carey. (What is with Tommy? He is so rubbish. I don't get why either of them were after him. He is so unalluring.)

To give her credit, Keira's hair looked great. Also, lots of interior decorating ideas.

Beautiful England.

Have you seen it? What did you think? Next on list of my aesthetically pleasing but slightly uninspired looking films - The Edge of Love. Another Keira vehicle interestingly. Not that that is all I've been watching, I watch actually good films sometimes too, but more on that later.

Chuck x


  1. I loved the movie BECAUSE I loved the book - if I hadn't read the book I know that I'd be totally "meh" about the movie (I went to go see it with my mother who didn't read the book, and at the end I sat there SOBBING and she was looking at me like "What is your issue?!?!" totally dry-eyed - thus, the book's influence).

    I was totally meh about The Edge of Love, too. & that's coming from a (rare?) person who actually likes Keira Knightley! I'm always ashamed to admit to people that I prefer her version of Pride & Prejudice to the mini-series one with Colin Firth. If I ever bring it up around a certain sort of person they act like I just said something sacrilegious or something, haha. Ah well.

    I love Carey though. I saw her in a play once (The Seagull) before she was famous & I've loved her ever since.

  2. I can agree with Mallory. I loved the movie because I loved the book (to absolute pieces, seriously, my first copy fell apart). I can also definitely agree with Never Let Me Go is absolutely aesthetically appealing.

    I love The Edge of Love from a purely aesthetic perspective. I've decided I need to watch it once more before I make any final and lasting judgments, however. Let us know what you think!

  3. Bah I did not enjoy the film because I had read the book (remember I gave it to my mum under the heading creepy academia along side Secret History (god reading you make me wish I was an arts student)). Anyway while you are enjoying your love film subscription take my advice and watch spring breakdown (AMY POEHLER!) now.

  4. I found the film sort of beautiful too, and pretty, and Carey is great. But I am definitely part of the not-that-keen-on-Keira club, I find her such an average actress.. I would say the book is better, so if you have a spare few hours.. x

  5. I havent seen this film... i should see it!;D

  6. Aw yeah I had the same, "not sure"ness about it until it sort of disappeared. Glad you've summed up it not meeting expectations, or exceeding them. I know two people who swear by the book though, maybe a future charity shop find.

  7. I had a definitive "meh" reaction to it too, though like you I'm always incredibly wary of hype! It could have been so good, so cult, but sadly it did fall flat. Speaking of hype, are you excited about Prometheus?! I can't frigging wait! :D ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. I haven't seen it, and I have to say apart from the appeal of Carey (so much love!) I didn't have much desire to. I tihnk your review has cemented the fact that this film is not for me!

  9. I basically cried like a baby by the end of the film. I liked it, it made an emotional impact on me. I think film is so subjective really, like all art is, so while one film can move a person, it may leave another person completely apathetic. Which is totally fine, we can't all be the same!

    For me, the 'flatness' of the characters in their emotional reactions was part of the critique of their increasing de-humanisation - they are treated as robots created for 'spare parts', and so that's how they come to act (apart from the screaming at the end by Tommy). Anyway, I explain what I think about this film way better in my 'review' of it on my blog, which I posted a while back. I'm not sure if I'm made any sense here ...

  10. I'm with you! I found the film underwhelming, but beautiful to watch. I felt like they'd reduced the story into a cliche love triangle - I did not get that in the book at all, which I loved because it goes so deeply into the characters relationships.

    I'm so glad I came across your post, I've seen so much blog-love for this film it's a relief to know I'm not alone in finding it dull. though, as Hila says above, it's all subjective, we're all different and that's fine. For instance, The Remains of the Day is one of my favourite books!