Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lovely, Gaudy Sparkles

Lesson One in Life According to Dolly: All rhinestones, all the time.

Lesson Two in Life According to Dolly: More is always more.

She is so wise...

My life really needs more sparkle, preferably some from Parisian Shourouk Rhaiem's eponymous jewellery brand. Shourouk makes lovely, gaudy sparkly things that I want. A lot. Her stuff-explosion look is right up my street. As much as I enjoy minimalism in theory, on other people's bodies and in other people's houses, I am a maximalist at heart. I love how she combines styles from different eras, different textures and cuts, neons and fabrics. So glittery and hypnotic and nice...

I don't have anything useful to say. The winning combination of a bad cold and bad hay fever means that my brain is 100% snot at the moment and 0% intelligent thought. This jewellery is pretty and I like it.

Inspiration comes when you least expect it though. I'll have to make a note so I don't forget - pop to village chemist, buy a lurid glasses holder/cord/thing, affix vintage rhinestone brooch, proudly wear natty new necklace about town. Wisdom from the mouths of babes (and the vaguely unwell).

Chuck x


  1. these are amazing, so OTT, you can't not like it.. by the way have you popped up in the new issue of Oh Comely trying to buy an Elvis bust at an auction? :p x

  2. Agh, I am scared of things big and sparkly. You'll have to show me how to wear them

  3. If only I could pull these off O_O

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  4. Gorgeous post! I want them all :)

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