Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Itchy Feet

British Vogue Apr 2012
Bruce Weber - Photographer
Joe McKenna - Stylist
Didier Malige - Hair / Aaron de Mey - Makeup / Dimitri Levas - Set
Moa Aberg - Model

Good weather, bare legs, loose cotton dresses, backpacks and sunglasses, drinking wine from the bottle, lounging on grass, reading instead of doing anything else, sunshine and blue skies. I love England in great weather but mostly these things make me itch to go travelling. This weekend was so beautiful and, gosh, I want to fly away on an adventure. I want to be back in Sicily basking in the sun, hitchhiking and sweating on trains, knocking back cheap black wine... Or lounging in foreign city parks with a baguette and some salami and a book. Being dirty and happy and on the road. Meeting new people and living on a shoe string. No rush to come home. I want to be on the move somewhere hot...

Oh, and it's not going to happen this summer. Sad times. Do you have a block of freedom this summer? Are you going adventuring? Please can I live vicariously through you?

Chuck x


  1. I do have a block of freedom this summer and I so want to go adventuring! I need to be careful that it's not taken as running away though :)

  2. I am craving adventure too, it happens every year when we get that first really warm spell x

  3. I know the feeling! Although sometimes lovely weather has the opposite effect and makes me cling to / love the land I'm in...

    Butttt I wish I were traveling internationally this summer. Right now I've just got a few little trips planned to see family and friends around the country...but I'm excited nonetheless :)

  4. For ONCE in my life, this summer is completely free. I've been slaving through summer classes for the past 3 years and I'm in the Pacific Northwest and loving it. Hipsters, organic food and bakeries everywhere. You may, for sure, live vicariously through me if you'd like because I've never ever had a legitimately free summer :)

  5. This is so cute! I've been loving to heat here in London, but it sucks that it's over before the bank holiday had even begun!

  6. oh! wonderful :D