Sunday, May 13, 2012

American Dream

It was a delightful friend's birthday this week (felicitations, lovebug!) and she had a roughly Americana themed party. She cooked up a Barefoot Contessa American feast - sticky bbq chicken drumsticks, amazing potato salad, slaw, chips and dips... It was awesome. On arrival, I sat in the corner and effectively refused to talk to anyone until I had put away a slightly disgusting amount of the delicious food. I'm a charming party guest. 

My first clothing thought on hearing it was an Americana party was 'Dolly Parton'. Obviously. The woman is a goddess.

I love her so much.

Unfortunately, this was about two hours before the party - disorganised, I know, but in my defence it wasn't an actual costume party - and I didn't have my hairspray or my Bedazzler. You can't do Dolly without rhinestones or BIG hair. In an aside, what do you think is in there? All of the world's secrets, presumably. Also, weirdly, my wardrobe is sans cowboy shirts. I have denim shirts and plaid shirts but they're not the right kind. They lack the 'stylised yoke in front and in back' (thanks, Wikipedia). Also, no snap pockets, patches or embroidery. Dolly would be very disappointed. So I had to put that idea on hold. Another time DP, another time.

Instead, I went with another American icon - the rebel. Marlon Brando, James Dean, Danny Zuko... Angry (sexy sexy) young men with a timeless uniform; blue jeans, white t-shirt, black leather jacket. Now, that is something my wardrobe can do.

Simple, classic, perfect.

Americana - Marlon Brando

Americana - Marlon Brando by chuckmisc featuring high rise skinny jeans

Not that I looked quite as brooding and dangerous but I tried. I do have a new pair of Gap jeans that are IT. They're the perfect colour, cut and fit. Dark indigo with zero effects - no fading or creases or rips or nothing. High cut, slim fit, £19.99 in the sale. They're basically a dream. Admittedly, they're my standing up jeans (hey Cougar Town). Not so good for bending or sitting down but scorching for a nice bit of standing. Arguably, being an angry rebel probably requires a little bit more flexibility but I can't resist the way they hug my tummy.

Anyway, the morals of this story are that rebel stylingz are awesome, blue jeans/white t-shirt/leather jacket are the triumvirate of cool and Marlon Brando is sex on a stick. WOULD.

Chuck x


  1. Oh my, I love how that's the first thing you think of - Dolly Parton! I'm all for the American rebel though. Super hot, I'm sure you pulled it off in style

  2. Oh my, what an amazing sounding celebration, I love watching Barefoot Contessa! x

  3. dollyyyyyyyyy! i LOVE dolly. but marlon/james/etc. was also a good choice.

  4. I'd have to agree with those morals :)

  5. I love those ankle boots, I also need to make myself a kick ass leather jacket. I just can't settle on the colour!

  6. I was dolly for three consecutive halloweens. Love her

  7. Haha, this post is brilliant! I highly approve of rebel Americana. You simply cannot go wrong with leather, a tee, and denim.

  8. Oh man, I am SO into that Comme biker jacket.

  9. i wish i could put off this, you need to be beefy though, doesn't work well for the slimmer gent