Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two Cool Girls

Model Olivia Lefebre via Oyster. She is beautiful, stylish and seventeen. May the world be her oyster.

You think you can't love Stevie Nicks any more and then you watch this and it makes you feel all gooey. Adorableness via Vic.

Man, I have been a lackluster blogger recently. I'm being (pleasantly) torn in a bunch of different directions creatively and the blog is suffering. This makes me sad although my brain is buzzing excitedly. There are so many things I want to do and so little time. The eternal cry, I suppose. I'm not sure when things will be back on track but I have good intentions. The road to hell etc. but still. Good intentions. 

In the meantime, these girls are cool. I never have been nor ever will be a cool girl but I can still admire them from afar. That insouciant loveliness...

Chuck x


  1. I will never be a cool girl either.

  2. Sigh, I wish I was a cool girl. Instead I am an awkward girl - oh well!

  3. ah yes, it is the eternal cry. Never fear, we've all been there, and I'm sure your blog will settle into itself.