Saturday, April 21, 2012

Five Favourite Friday Fings

None of these are really new fings, they've been floating around the interwebz for a while, but you know that you're on to a good thing when weeks later you still can't bear to close the tab... (I Heart Tabs). 

Clockwise from top left:

1. LOOK at Tippi Hedren's lion! His name was Togar. I am in love. Sure, the rational part of my brain knows that it's probably not kind or safe to keep an enormous, carnivorous animal as a domestic pet but the emotional part of my brain doesn't care. The heart wants what it wants and this time it wants a giant, cuddly lion to chill out in bed with. Or in the kitchen. Or by the pool. There are photos. I insist that you go and ogle Jen's post right now. Even if you've already seen it. Go ogle it again, it will make you day.

2. I want gold nails. Not metallic painted nails - actual gold nails. I think these jewellery/beauty/accessories by Holly & Hannah are such a clever idea. So visually effective and just plain cool. Apparently they're going to be £40 a nail which means I'm not going to be sporting them any time soon (imagine if one came off!) but I'm looking forward to seeing them all over the blogs and editorials. Originally spotted on I Want You to Know.

3. Like everyone else on the internet I love Anabela's new silk scarf collection Light as a Feather. Beautiful black and white photographs on huge silk scarves - what more could you want? You can chose between ice cave, mountain, meteor and Venus. And they're nearly a metre square. I love a generous scarf. Stingy scarves are rubbish. Anyway, gorgeous.

4. Hey there, Diana decked out as Venus. You are delightful. Despite the whole Fascism thing you are still in my top two Mitford sisters. This photo is actually pre-Mosley when she was still married to Bryan Guinness.  It is part of a series by Madame Yevonde of society women as Roman goddesses. I might have to do a whole post on her because she was clearly awesome/a bit bonkers but in the meantime let us admire DM and all the pink, frothy loveliness. Via The Licentiate.

5. Just a really nice t-shirt from Dries van Noten.

Chuck x


  1. Ah what would I do if I found a lion in my bed? Not sure really, but it would be rather cool. x

  2. I stumbled here from the booksnob's glad I did! Love your writing style and had so much fun reading your old blog post...I've bookmarked your site and will definitely be back for more! You've earned yourself a new "regular."

  3. The lion is SO cool but probably not so good of an idea..

  4. did you ever see the documentary about the guys who had a lion as a pet in the 60s/70s in central london? if you didn't go google it, they used to walk in down oxford street and drive around with it in their van. mega.

    your aunt posted a fried mega ha that's brilliant, i know you can pretty much get away with posting anything. we don't even need packaging really do we, whacked a ton of stamps on and away we go

  5. OMG a lion. I want one. To the above comment there's a video of the guys being reunited with that Lion after they released it and it is actually the most amazing thing ever, I cry every time I see it. Check youtube!

    Gold nails eh? You should totally try the metallic Nail Rock nail wraps ;)