Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some Clothes I've Worn

Clockwise from top left:
Parka : Asos (ebay) / Snood : Accessorize / Dress : UO / Converses
Scarf : H&M / Cardi : Asos / Belt : Uniqlo / Skirt : AA / Shoes : Bronx
Leather jacket : TS / Scarf : ebay / Cashmere jumper : Tesco / Vest : Cos (ebay) / Jeans : Levi's / Brogues : Asos
Cardi : Land's End / Shirt : TS (ebay) / Trousers : Cos (ebay) / Boots : TS

Look! More pictures of me pulling stupid faces in front of my ever filthier mirror. You are lucky people. Much as I want to wear more colour, a la Hockney, it is a struggle in this weather. Black and grey are so easy and you have to take your comfort where you can find it. I must admit that I've been having serious cravings recently for a really luxe pair of tracksuit bottoms - narrow, marl grey, leather and silver tipped toggles... I think they can look great but, admittedly, it is a slippery slope. If I put them on I might never take them off and I might regress into some kind of inescapable lounge state. Sure, that sounds awesome but right now, shit needs to get done.

Chuck x


  1. Looking good Chuck! Love the outfit in the lower lefthand corner

  2. You've pulled off more color incorporation than I have all season! Definitely good looks.