Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get Sporty

Mmm... I'm loving these new Topshop looks a lot. I would never have expected that I'd be attracted to sportswear but I'm definitely interested. There are a lot of items in TS's new Off Track collection that leave me cold but the above are pretty perfect. Probably because they don't remind me of a wasted adolescence spent shivering through soggy, compulsory P. E. lessons...

I wonder if moving to London has provoked my new found love of urban streetwear? There are a lot of shellsuits in my endz. A year ago I probably wouldn't have predicted my desire for baseball caps and beanies, Nike and shellsuits, delicious grey luxe tracksuit bottoms. Now I'm gripped. I suppose it is natural to be influenced by your environment. I wonder what I will pick up on next.

What is your take on the sports look? Do you find yourself absorbing the visual culture around you?

Chuck x


  1. I'm behind. I'm still looking at the combat trends from season ago

  2. So amazing, love the shoes and skirt!

  3. I'm not big on sportswear. The closet I get is sportswear inspired stuff like Claudia Ligari SS 2012 (which is quite a stretch in some cases). I must admit, I like the pink ombre of the blouse in the first look though.

  4. I am seriously obsessed with the first look - love it! :)