Saturday, March 17, 2012

Five Favourite Friday Fings

Closer to being on time this week...

Clockwise from top left:

1. Lola McClure's in depth article about IUDs on the Hairpin is KILLAH. I love a nice contraceptive chat. It's detailed and thoughtful and funny. It is also an excellent reminder off how wonderful the NHS is and how much we Brits should appreciate it. Everyone should read this.

2. Miss Representation has a lovely infographic about the media and women and leadership and self-image. Not ground breaking but sweet and well presented and with a little bit of uplifting to balance out the depressing. Found via the OC twitter.

3. Just perfect. Perfect girl, perfect Carven dress. Gorgeous. Womanly not girly. Everything anyone could want. Stockholm Streetstyle via That Kind of Woman (source of all things picturesque). 

4. Grace Kelly at the 1955 Cannes film festival with peony and sage c/o the serene Wilder Quarterly blog. I'd love to get my hands on a copy of the magazine, it looks blissful. I'd also love GK's bouquet, it must smell wonderful.

5. Pantone pop tarts! Err, yum. They're so cute and colourful and delicious lookingEmilie de Griottes created this pop tart (and many others) for French magazine Fricote and they're just adorable. I clearly need to start coordinating my food. As seen on Reanna Time.

I probably should have saved the IUD article for my article club (which I haven't forgotten about) but I got too excited and wanted to include it here. I haven't read so many articles in the last week because I have been busy reading other things, more on which soon, so if I've missed anything good do let me know.

Chuck x


  1. Off to read the contraceptive post with interest x

  2. Thanks for sharing your fings. Hope you had a good weekend

  3. i like the idea of your damn article club. and i'm jealous i'm not in one.

  4. Such good links. The Miss Representation info graphic is both fascinating and shocking at once. I'll have to go back over it again I think and absorb some of the facts properly.

    The Carven dress girl is, you're right, just perfect.

    Heading over to the Hairpin now (I always forget about it somehow, although it's such a great site). Thanks for these!