Monday, March 12, 2012

Five Favourite Friday Fings

So this is either quite late or quite early but I will not bow down to the tyranny of the days of the week...

Clockwise from top left:

1. I want a Nike Destroyer jacket so bad. It looks fabulous but it also sounds deliciously practical - 'Thermore® fill for lightweight warmth' , 'water-repellant to help keep you dry', functioning pockets... These are the things dreams are made. That and burgundy and soft leather and a complete lack of ostentatious detailing. It is also half price. Not that it helps me much but it must be good news for somebody.

2. This J. W. Anderson jumper is up on ebay. It is from the collection he did with Topman a couple of seasons (?) ago. I just can't resist a botanical print.

3. Is this weird? I'm a little bit in love with this Asos tracksuit. It all started out so innocently as a crush on a grey marl polka dot jumper but then I saw the bottoms... So much grey marl. I feel hypnotised by it. I feel like I should hate it but my mind is too boggled by how comfortable and soft and warm it must be. And it looks pretty cool on the model. (Doesn't it? I don't know any more).

4. These Takemoto handmade wooden sunglasses are just straight up lovely. Easy.

5. This Barbour bird print shirt is so cloyingly sweet it almost makes my teeth hurt. But I also kind of love it. Normally I'm pretty anti-twee but there is something about this print I find charming. I think it is the detail and variety and loveliness of the individual birds. Oh yeah, and everything is better when you put a bird on it. I don't know if I could wear this but I would like to hang it on my wall.

Interestingly, only two items on this list are explicitly women's wear; the Nike jacket and the Asos tracksuit. The glasses are unisex and both of the prints are menswear. I like the way the menswear cuts stop the prints from being too girly - they take the edge off it. I really also like the idea of being able to shop across store gender boundaries. Floral jumpers are for everyone and I can wear men's clothes if I want to.

Also, looking at this, how schizophrenic is my taste?? None of these things would go together. Is it bad that I like such a dissonant bunch of stuff? It can't be good for my wardrobe? I would love to be one of those people with a very distinct sense of style, who has no interest in clothing that falls outside of their genre, but I'm definitely not there yet. I want to play with everything and I'm drawn to so many different looks. I would need to pick one of these elements and focus in on it. But which should it be? Or maybe it should be a different element? Suggestions??

Chuck x


  1. Chuck, if it's your style, it's your style. Btw, my sister has the Destroyer jacket. It's awesome...

  2. I must say I appreciate the floral jumper, the wood glasses, and the jacket. I can definitely attest to the difficulty in choosing with wayward tastes but perhaps your style is just eclectic. Definitely not a bad thing!

  3. You have a great eye for things, so there's absolutely no need to worry about your mental status. I wish there were more people like you, bright and creative. The world would definitely be much more exciting. Strangely enough I like the track suit, too... I can imagine myself cocooned in it while spending a lazy weekend at home, with movies and all the lovely things. Don't think my man (or any other man) would understand or appreciate it, but hey, it's adorable, it's super cosy and it's got polka dots all over it! :)
    Have a wonderful week, sweetheart!

  4. Say no to Gender boundries AND days of the week! I love that traksuit but I don't know why. I would look a bit mad going to the gym in it though, but actually, do i care?

  5. mm that Barbour shirt, how is that for men?! I'm not sure whether I'd rather see a pretty man in a bird shirt or wear it myself xx

  6. ah man, barbour make me proud to be british :) xx

  7. The glasses are killing me, I'd love a pair!

  8. so weird, my gf showed me the spotty tracksuit too! it isn't her usual thing at all but it made her very excited. i say go along with the mens stuff, if it suits you embrace that motha jeffa

  9. I really like that Barbour shirt! SO tempted to buy it