Saturday, March 3, 2012

AW/12 Favourites

Went to see the Hockney exhibition yesterday night. Phew! It is wonderful. Charming, vibrant, life affirming. If you have access to London I would strongly suggest you make the trip. You'll walk out with a smile on your face and a reinvigorated love for the English landscape. Also, if you're anything like me, you'll come away from the exhibition wanting to wear colour. A lot of colour. You'll want to roll around in colour and wear it all. Hockney's colours are so beautiful and so vivid - the pinks, the greens, the oranges, the yellows... 

In honour of that, here are some of my favourite colours of AW/12 so far (not that my catwalk surveillance has been very thorough).

Left column: Lanvin; Vionnet; Nina Ricci
Centre column: Erdem; Christopher Kane; Lanvin; Erdem
Right column: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Carven; Lanvin

Has anyone seen the Hockney? Did you enjoy it? I can't see how anyone wouldn't - it is pretty much enjoyable by definition. Next stop Freud.

Chuck x

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  1. We were justing talking about the Hockney exhibit in my art history class not that long ago. I wish I could see it. The video on the RA site has been replayed (perhaps a bit too much) by me lately. Oh well. I won't worry about it.

    I'm not a big color person when it comes to clothing but I definitely appreciate your picks (especially the Vionnet, first Erdem, and the Carven).

  2. I always end up in love with Erdem

  3. gutted i didn't get to go to the exhibition, when we saw the queue we realised we really didn't have enough time for it. shame, it sounds wonderful. yeah i liked the topman collection, not my sort of thing but liked it none the less

  4. That long red gown makes me wanna cry! :) And for sure once I'm ridiculously wealthy I'll be making a trip to London stat...

  5. I'm going to the Hockney next month, as it happens, and really looking forward to it - glad to hear you enjoyed it, and thanks for the heads up on the colour wearing effects! That Erdem dress is unbelievably beautiful - Erdem always catches my eye.

  6. All these dresses are so elegant <3