Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wear it Right Now

I'd heard plenty of people bigging up the Topshop Unique AW/12 show and I'd seen a couple of images but I hadn't got round to have a proper look through. Having now seen it I can add an assenting voice to the choir - it is lovely. It isn't ground-breaking, it isn't going to change the world but it is lovely and I want to wear it right now. Love the colours, love the textures, love the outerwear. I don't trust this current, wonderful warm snap; it is going to get miserable again soon and this is what I want to be wearing. It would segue so smoothly into my existing wardrobe. Looking forward to seeing where they go next season with Kate Phelan, she feels like a steady hand, particularly after last season's car crash (Elizabeth Taylor obviously excepted). Please can this go straight to stores? I don't want to wait. 
Topshop Unique AW/12 c/o

In other news, I listed a whole BUNCH of stuff on ebay today - Topshop Unique (speak of the devil), Vanessa Bruno, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Motel... You name it. I've bought a lot of stuff on ebay before but I've never sold anything and, gosh, it is boring and time consuming! How do people manage it? It took me hours! I'm broke to the nth degree though so needs must...

Any excitements this weekend?

Chuck x


  1. Woo! good work on the ebay finally - you've done most of the hard work now - sit back and have crazy fun watching those bids role in! x

  2. I agree with you about TopShop - what a wonderful collection! The coats are so gorgeous in every way.
    Good luck with ebay sales! xxx

  3. Thanks for your comment!!!! Love your blog & start following!!! Hope you'll follow me back!!! xoxo

  4. Hooray for the grungey style footwear - count me on board

  5. What an amazing collection! I really love the first two outfits.

  6. I like the spots but I'm already dreading the whole military thing... & I am officially allergic to Topshop dammit. Major sympathy on the eBay front, fingers crossed your customers/buyers are all wonderful level headed people!

  7. Wow. This is definitely a wearable collection. I really like the pieces with dark wine/burgundy. Also, is that checkered jumpsuit I spot? I actually really like this. A bit too much.

  8. Love that top coat, I think I could even get away with it here in california, where it's a bit dreary this week. I also love your article links below and finally I do hope that you will take some of your ebay $$ and buy yourself that black hat!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. i enjoyed the collection, i don't look at loads of the womens stuff but this did stand out. what did you think of topman design if you saw it?

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  11. Cool blog!

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  12. Love these looks!