Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still like Water

Just saw Silja Magg's photography over at Geeks Dig Me (great name) and, phew! Such beautiful stuff. I'm consistently attracted to strong portraiture. To be able to tell a story in a close shot is such a skill. And the fashion editorials. And the water shots. So mysterious yet timeless. She is a 50s screen siren and still totally contemporary. Magg is clearly interested in women and water - there are a lot of naked (and sometimes alarmingly slim) girls frolicking amidst waves and pools on her website. I vaguely remember there being a lot of existing theory on women/water/oceans. Mermaids and selkies and the like. Dangerous, powerful, unpredictable, hidden currents, salt, vitality.... Doris Lessing's strange book, The Cleft, re-imagines the creation story with strange, coastal, seal-like women as the beginning of it all. There are no men and births are controlled by the moon and the tides. Bizarre and fascinating stuff. In early civilizations the mother figure is all-powerful, how/why did she get lost? Need to get my history/sociology/anthropology on...

Anyway, I'm easily distracted. All I really wanted to say is that Silje Magg is a brilliant photographer, with a website full of exquisite images and she is one to watch. Love.

Chuck x


  1. these photos are gorgeous. that's all. xx

  2. love love love these, especially the last one.

  3. Ooh every one of these is exquisite.

  4. Thank you for this post. We're so excited to learn about Silja! Will commission her for the magazine for sure :)

    Lone Wolf Magazine