Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Look Here

Pedro Lourenço Pre-Fall 2012 via Fashionising vs. Gorgeous Street Gal via Stylelist

Two different but lovely looks. Equally ladylike. Lots of things I admire about both - the bold ombré, the sleek and collarless coat, the shiny shiny sunglasses, the thick grey tights, the ankle straps, the stripes, the dream skirt, the gentle palette and the sweet take on the trench... They make me want to try 'lady style' again. It is something I struggle with though, I am simultaneously too scruffy and too womanly. My body has no straight lines so sleek, clean cuts bulge ominously. Frustratingly lots of the pretty, ladylike looks only work on slim gals. I guess there is a distinction between girly clothes and womanly clothes. The beautiful Pedro Lourenço coat would be a disastre on me!  Also, I'd button it up wrong and stuff things in the pockets and chuck it over my chair and it would get all rumpled and inelegant. As is often the case, street style might prove a more realistic inspiration. A little less neat, a little bit more casual. This is something I could maybe try? The coat is a touch too twee for me but the skirt is fantastic. Seriously, I love that colour - it's not cornflower, it's something else... Pale Powder, Parma Grey, Dix Blue maybe? I might try and get my pretty on some time. Only a little bit but girly nonetheless. 

What do you think about girly, pretty 'lady style'? Does it make you feel delightful or vaguely uncomfortable? 

Chuck x


  1. I think you could pull off the street style look. Lady style makes me feel really uncomfortable - it just doesn't match my personality and imagining myself in it just makes me squirm

  2. OMBRE. Still like it. I really like these looks, ladylike is becoming more and more my thing - relatively speaking!

  3. i think it's good, i really like the girl's vibe on the right. silvery

  4. both looks are gorgeous but i really love the first coat!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  5. gahh! that coat on the left is incredible! X