Saturday, January 28, 2012

Image Vomit

So yeah, I'm going a bit Tumblr on your asses today. Many images. Still some text though. Occasionally I dabble with the idea of starting a Tumblr account but then I remember that I like to ramble. Tumblr isn't a platform particularly suited to the verbose. I likez the words. I didn't want to narrow my Favourite Friday Fings down to five this week though. I've seen lots of things I've liked/enjoyed in the last seven days and they all deserve a little bit of space in my wee corner of the internet. Basically, here are some good things.

Magdalena Velevska's name is new to me but I'm enjoying her AW12 collection. There is more than a hint of Tisci/Givenchy which I always find irresistible! Via Oracle Fox.

Continuing on something of a neon theme, this neoprene dress is super cute. I mean, drop waist and ruffles ain't going to do me any favours but I can imagine it looking great on other people. Three Floor have lots of other interesting things too. I had come across them before but never paid much attention to them until one of my friends remarked on their price point. I had assumed they were quite expensive, one of those 'mid-price' (£300+) labels, but actually they fall somewhere between Topshop and Whistles. The yellow dress is £68 which I don't think is bad at all. I'm almost definitely going to buy something from them if I ever have any money/they do a good sale.

I want something big and sparkly to jazz up my beloved collection of grey marl and stripes. This glass crystal necklace is exactly the kind of thing I have in mind.

Also from Etsy, this scarf by Pauper Voile is lovely. When it comes to aesthetically pleasing motifs, swallows and grandiose cathedral architecture have got to be some of the best. I also really like the gorgeous Blake/Rilke scarf which I first saw over at Mallory's.

This Schott Perfecto x Pendleton is crazy good. I know less than nothing about the collaboration but I want to see more! Via That Kind of Woman.

I was blow away afresh by Phoebe English's work when I read Susie Bubble's post on her this week. These lookbook images are jaw-dropping and such beautiful behind the scenes pictures... I insist that you read the post.

I read an excellent review of J. Edgar and W. E. on the New Statesman website. Very funny.

More Honor Pre-Fall 2012 just because I love it.  

This necklace is the Vamoose just, you know, playing around. Man, I wish my idles plays looked like that! I really hope this makes it to her shop because it is so simple and rough but gorgeous. Once again it would look great with a nice bit of grey marl. Everything looks great with grey marl...

I am thrilled by the return of MasterChef! Idiotic tv but I love it. So much food! This Buttery Biscuit Base video/track makes me laugh every time I watch it (must be on my fifteenth replay by now). Also, WARNING, it is ridiculously catchy - I've had it stuck in my head fairly consistently for the last fortnight. Funny Big Pudding Face.

So there you go. Many good things all for your delectation. I hope you have great weekends.

Chuck x


  1. Thank you for so many wonderful links, sweetheart! Much appreciate it and off to check the necklace, shops and recipe.
    Have a fab weekend!

  2. I'm loving that necklace. I've not jumped onboard the tumblr bandwagon either x

  3. that jacket is pretty rocking, it would make an interesting combo with grenson's actually. though i reckon i'd wear something a bit more sporty with that jacket for some reason, maybe a pair of adidas or i'd go the other way with some work boots.

    this is a comprehensive round up, tumblr, yeah it's alright but i never really on it for long. more just stumble on stuff via google images

  4. Masterchef is like a black hole. I seem to watch one episode and then find myself watching it like everytime I turn on the TV. It's good but man... is there nothing else to make? Beautiful jacket, lovely neoprene & that necklace is just so beautiful. Lovely image overload.