Saturday, January 21, 2012

Five Favourite Friday Fings

I haven't done one of these in over a month! Crazy how time flies. Also, our internet has been down for the last two days which was very frustrating. There were things I wanted to blog about and I've probably forgotten about them now... To give them credit TalkTalk were actually quite helpful when I got round to calling them. BAD bad hold music though. Painful stuff for first thing on a Saturday morning.

Clockwise from top left:

1. I have been meaning to blog about Honor's Pre-fall 2012 collection for a long time. The tab has been sitting on my browser looking at me accusingly for the best part of a month. Since apparently I haven't got round to actually doing it though I thought I would bung them up on here as a I sign of good will. I fully intend to come back to them. It is a lovely collection - there are some very pretty dresses but also some great separates and coats that I could definitely live in. This pink and red combo is frickin' awesome. It sets your teeth in the best possible way. I just need a really poppy red top so I can imitate this. High possibility it might scare people but it would be worth it. Check out the rest of the collection (if you haven't seen it already) on Fashionista.

2. Willis Earl Beal will send you a drawing if you write to him. As he gets more popular he is going to be kept pretty busy, I imagine. I would like a nice drawing. Until I have enough free time to right though I will just content myself with his beautiful song Evening's Kiss

3. Kate Arend's post on how to throw a proper pity party was one of the best things I read on the interwebz this week. She recommends that you embrace pity as a stepping stone to acceptance. If you are going to wallow then do it properly and with appropriate time limits. Book in an evening with a your bestie, hire a weepy video, find some topnotch knitwear, bring chocolate, ice cream and plenty of alcohol and enjoy yourself. Sounds like a good night to me.

4. I loved these Madewell x Le Minor dip-dyed Bretons when they were full price. I love them even more now they are less than half price. $105 to $49.99... I'm having serious thoughts about the black/green one. [Edit - they don't deliver to the UK. Boo.]

5. These Dieppa Restrepo gold Oxfords are lovely. Look at the hearts and the rose gold tones... They'd look great with everything, right? Adorbz. Originally admired at Ventricular Projects

Happy weekend. Things to do now! Blog love.

Chuck x


  1. Love the colour collection in number one!

  2. Ha, I need a proper pity party right about now. Saturday work is blegh

  3. Ooh red and pink looks good together. Love the gold Oxfords too. x

  4. love the shoes!!!great!kisses!


  5. that pink and red number is beyond major! X

  6. I really want that Madewell Breton now! Gutted they don't ship to the UK...need to convince my friend living in NY to ship it to me. Off to read that pity party post now, sounds interesting!

  7. I love the pity party post (and would love that banner). The Madewell shirt is fantastic too.