Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Screw You, Highstreet

One down! 

I trawled Topshop and I browsed Warehouse. I ordered three dresses online from Asos and and another from Warehouse (online sale + voucher code). All deliveries were returned and no store purchases were made. The few things I liked and that fitted/suited me were out of my price range and the things that were in my price range were bad. Why is there so much nasty polyester out and about? I know that Lanvin did a polyester collection but I remain unconvinced. Maybe expensive polyester doesn't give you electric shocks? Cheap (but overpriced) polyester certainly isn't an alluring thing. Also, lots of designers, at least on the high street, seem to forget that women often have breasts. One particular dress seemed to have been designed in two dimensions - it was 'woman' shaped when laid flat but it took no account of forward female projection. Boobs go forward people, think about it!

Anyway, despite all my high street trauma, I've found my party dress. 50% of my dress hunt nailed. A ne'er an overpriced, poor quality, scratchy nightmare in sight. Thank you, ebay. The best/only way to get good quality clothes on a tight budget. This dress is from Antipodium, the material is soft and heavy, the fit is beautiful is beautiful and forgiving. It makes me feel awesome but in a comfortable way. And it was £20 inc. PP. Hell, yeah. My Kurt Geiger killer heels were ebay too. I love you ebay. You're my friend.

Only my everyday-dress to go now. Ebay here I come...

Chuck x


  1. I love Ebay! It is my go to source for everything.

    The dress looks gorgeous on you!

  2. H.E.L.L.O. the dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you, especially after all those ill-fitting dresses in that other post you did! Really, I can't stress enough how confident you look in the dress and it was only £20?! I AM MAJORLY JEALOUS. Werk it sista :) xxx

  3. You look so beautiful!!!!! I agree with you about poly. I always feel cheated whenenever I see "poly" on a label... And I feel double-cheated if the clothes are designer - I mean, WHY do they have to be made of this "fabric" and then priced as if made of gold???? Will never understand or accept it. Love ebay, too, both for occasional lukcy finds and for selling things.

  4. Super cute dress! Getting a good deal on it makes it so much better too!

  5. Wow! That dress looks amazing! Looks like you found a good'un in the end :P

  6. My mouth actually dropped when you said you got that dress, an Antipodium one no less, for £20. Are you serious? I am in complete awe of your ebay skills. Plus you luck f-ing amazing.

  7. You look amazing in that dress! You have a killer figure!