Friday, December 2, 2011


Silver screen goddess dress c/o Warehouse

I tried this dress on today and it is it. It is hot shit. Dipped at the front and down low at the back. Necklace collar. Thigh split, fitted waist, falling pleats. The maxi, the shape, the draping and the particular shade of red make it vair sophis rather than trashy. It fitted like a glove and made me feel decadent and glamorous. I would glide and lounge and be all kinds of golden age film fabulous in it. It is £80 and I have nowhere to wear it but I love it. Love. It makes me feel like a different person. Ah, the transforming power of fashion.

Mega thumbs up.

Chuck x


  1. Flippin' hot! I esp like the detail on the top. Have fun wearing that ANYWHERE!

  2. wow that dress is sooooo beautiful!! LOVE IT! :D

  3. Oh my. For the record, I actually said "oh my..." out loud when I saw this dress. Gorgeous!

  4. I need this dress where can i find it :(

    the dont have it in warehouse any more :(