Monday, December 5, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

So these posts are going up increasingly late... The logical thing to do, perhaps, might just be to delay last week's Friday Fings until this Friday. Where is the fun in that though? I want to put them up now and it is my blog so ner ner di ner ner. This is the joy of a blog - you answer to no one! There are no responsibilities or repercussions for lateness. Well, kind of. Obviously I don't want to disappoint you, my delightful and delicious readers, but I don't think you really care about when you get your Fings. (Do you?).


1. I really really enjoyed the interview with Ben Gorham on Into the Gloss. He is the founder of Byredo and the interview is a big juicy one. I particularly like the way that Emily Weiss doesn't rely on a Q&A format, which I can find rather grating. Instead you get a beautifully curated, continuous flow of thought and story. And what an interesting man. I felt inspired by this. I want to go away and make creative, thoughtful perfume! (Or at least go and sniff some Byredo perfumes). If you are interested in perfumes I can't recommend this enough.

2. Runway shows of the 1990s. Seen at Cat Party (always amazing), this Tumblr is fascinating. I like seeing what still looks fresh and exciting, what I still want to wear, what I can incorporate into my sartorial life. I haven't really bought into the automatic 90s revival that has been going on of late but this makes me reconsider my scepticism. And the supers look so young and fresh faced!

3. Possibly Sister Jane has been around for ages. Sometimes I lose track of those high street level small brands. They're stocked on Topshop and Asos so maybe they're quite well known. New to me though. They have a lot of nice, slightly tweaked everyday wear. The above dress is my favourite - the zig zag collar reminds me of Louis Vuitton. Also, love the model/make-up. Still enjoying a strong, dark lip.

4. I'm going to start regularly including fave pieces of longer writing. Obviously I like looking at pretty pictures on the interwebz as much as anyone but sometimes it is good to engage other parts of your brain. The interwebz is a big place and there is lots of great writing on it that goes under-appreciated (at least by me). That said, this article has got a lot of luvvin. Kate Bolick's (hee hee - I'm so immature) article critiquing outdated attitudes towards marriage in the Atlantic magazine got excerpted somewhere else but I think it is worth reading in its entirety. Funny, considered, thought-provoking. Do it. I'm also excited about reading through the Atlantic's back catalogue - it looks like they have some cracking gender/sexuality articles. Expect to see more.

5. The idea of pre-made Christmas stockings freak me out. They can be hideously impersonal and I would be most affronted if the boyf/fam bought me one rather than making me one. [I am a BIG stocking fan btw - best part of Christmas? Certainly better than presents.] Backpedaling momentarily though, I love these Of a Kind holiday grab bags and I want the men's and women's. What lovely contents - independent, interesting, gorgeous goodies. Still, no substitute for my actual stocking, R/fam. No getting lazy, just get some ideas...

What has piqued your interest of late?

Chuck x


  1. I'd like a grab bag too! These are smart

  2. I enjoy your thoughts on writing (and stockings) and both the dress and lavender outfit are fab!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I love these posts. That interview looks really interesting. & agreed on pre-made stockings, the other day I read someone recommending pre-made pass the parcels. How insane is that?