Thursday, December 29, 2011

Comfort and Lies

I lied when I said that I wanted to wear Jenni Kayne's pre-fall collection right now. It was unintentional - I thought I did want to wear it. I do want to wear it generally but, it turns out, just not now now. At the moment all I want to wear is a giant fleece onesie. Unfortunately (or not), I don't own a onesie or anything made of fleece. I have always been relatively happy/proud of this but now I am miffed. I resent the fact that I'm having to get dressed in actual clothes and leave the house and be polite and pleasant and helpful and do things when all I want is to be watching films on the sofa in my mythical giant fleece onesie. To try and reconcile this I have been wearing my comfiest clothes to work, style be damned! It turns out that my clothes aren't that comfy though. They might be comfier than they are fashionable and they might be comfier than most fashion people's wardrobes - I don't wear heels on a daily basis and I love jumpers - but they aren't comfy in comparison to a giant fleece onesie. I have backed myself into a corner where I have three pairs of skinny black jeans that aren't quite right or quite comfortable enough. There is something a bit wrong with all of them but obviously I can't buy any more since I already have three pairs... This bra pinches a bit and that skirt is too tightly waisted and that dress requires perfect posture and those trousers give me cold ankles and that top always rides up a bit... Hurrumph. I love a lot of my clothes but right now they are pissing me off! I just want to be a lovely, warm, comfy sloth and they are standing between me and that goal. Unhappy.

Vogue Russia via FGR
Photographer: Ben Toms
Model: Meghan Collison
Stylist: Katie Shillingford

This beautiful Vogue Russia shoot is the exact opposite of what I want to be wearing right now. It is all perfect, upright, structured 50s loveliness. This shoot sneers at comfort and I love it. I'm not going to be imitating it any time before New Year but a girl is entitled to be stylistically schizophrenic, is she not?

What are you wearing right now? Onesies or waspies?

Chuck x


  1. Technically wearing a onesie by way of pyjamas but would much rather a massive fleecie onesie too. Still, I force myself to get dressed just to make sure I don't spend all day in my pyjamas! xxx

  2. I've been wearing stretchy clothes for the past week and it has been GLORIOUS! Isn't that what vacation is all about?

  3. That is such an amazing shot - but I definitely agree now is not the time for it! Now is the time for loose waistlines and warmth!

  4. I was checking out the Tracey Boyd for John Lewis bodysuit today - but it would be so uncomfortable for all this lounging I am currently doing.