Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tea I've Tried

I've read some really good stuff on the internet in the last few days. New blogs and new writers (new to me anyway) who are doing excellent things. Lapin de Lune's aesthetic is lovely and Chelsea Fagan's writing is hilarious. Bit of a girl crush on both the quality and the quantity of her content. The obvious response to this is write a slightly random, short and frivolous review of my new favourite teas. I know, I know, but the heart wants to write what the heart wants to write. What can I do? My heart is full of tea...

PG Tips - the Fresh One / Pukka - Morning Time
The London Tea Company - White tea, elderflower and apricot

First up, PG Tips, for some reason I have a bag full of samples of this. Don't know why. They have a new range of teas - the Fresh one, the Strong one and the Delicate one. The names walk the fine line between informative and annoying, personally I think they veer towards the annoying but that is just me. The blurb says, 'Pressed within hours of picking to give a uniquely clean, smooth, golden and fresh-tasting tea'. I think smooth and golden may be a bit of a stretch but actually... *drum roll* ...they do make a really good cup of tea. Not the ground breaking conclusion you were expecting? Tough luck. This is nice tea. It doesn't taste substantially different from any other cup of builder's tea, it just tastes better. You can make a good, strong cup of tea without any bitterness or unpleasant after taste. I had four or five cups yesterday and enjoyed them all a great deal. I think I'm actually going to buy some of this, with my money and everything (this may also be influenced by the fact that I have, approximately, 19 vouchers for it, anyone want one?).

Next stop, Pukka. I have a fond place in my heart for Pukka because, despite the slightly silly name, they make interesting but delicious herbal teas and they started in Bristol. Excuse me while I wallow briefly in nostalgia... There we go, shook it off. Morning Time tea contains 'Fairtrade superior rooibos leaf (70%), honeybush leaf (10%), licorice root, red ginseng (whole root) (5%), roasted black maca root'. Don't know what that last thing is but it tastes nice. One to try if you are a redbush fan like myself. Gentle, slightly sweet, won't strip paint. Just what you need sometimes. Warning - for some reason I found the last mouthful of each cup a bit gross. Possibly this tea doesn't work on a slightly cooler level, possibly it is too strong down there. I don't know. Chuck it.

And finally, the London Tea Company. The place that I've just finished interning at had a killer tea cupboard and that is where I first tried this. Realistically it isn't something I'm going to be buying for myself anytime soon because it is (just looked it up) £3.99 for 15 teabags and that feels pretty steep to me. It is delicious though. I get very, perhaps unreasonably, angry at herbal and fruit teas that don't taste of anything/don't taste of what they claim too. It is no good looking and smelling all delicious, stoopid tea, you won't fool me! I know that really you just taste of warm wee. Not this one though. Blissfully fragrant and apricot-y. And apparently it is 'created for your skin' which is a positive sounding but miraculously unspecific claim. Warning - because this has tea proper in it beware overbrewing. Do not leave the tea bag in, it will ruin your expensive tea.

So there you go. No minimal beauty, comedy or social commentary but some very sound tea suggestions. Also, while I've got you here, has anyone tried the truly disgusting sounding Twinings Cherry & Cinnamon tea?? I'm intrigued because it sounds so awful but there is absolutely no way that I'm buying it. Instead I am going to go make myself a cup of tea. Have worked up quite an appetite...

Chuck x


  1. The last one sounds pretty good, I'm generally not a fan of fruity teas precisely because as you say they taste of warm wee, or as my mum says, knat's piss. For regular tea though it has to be Yorkshire I find. xx

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  3. not drinking as much tea since I discovered bottle green's spiced berry - it's my warm up drink to hot toddies and mulled cider. x

  4. the only hot drink I like to drink is hot chocolate so I can't help you :D xo

  5. i'm not a tea drinker at all but it does seem quite appealing in the right situation

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