Thursday, November 24, 2011

The New Ethical

Man, this week has been busier than I was expecting. I want to get some real content up on here but it will have to wait a little longer. In the meantime I will distract you with pretty pictures (again) - this is becoming a worrying, lazy habit of mine... Luckily, pretty ethics are involved here too. I recently discovered Maiyet; a new NY label with real ethical credentials. The founder is a human rights lawyer who is focused on creating a sustainable, socially responsible business. This isn't the standard hemp and recycled sacking you often see in eco/ethical clothing though, this is desirable, casual but glamorous high fashion. This is less surprising when you read about his fashion team who have worked for, among others, Boy by Band of Outsiders, Calvin Klein, Celine and The Row, according to Elle. Their website is very slick too and features the first collection beautifully shot on the beautiful Daria.

The founders of Maiyet have sourced craftsmen and artisans from all over the world to help produce their collection. These small teams and families will be helped to develop into sustainable businesses. Maiyet have committed to ploughing a share of profit back into training and growth. They are supporting positive projects - tells of 'an Ahmedabadi studio that stabilizes its community by employing both Hindus and Muslims'. I also wonder, because this is fashion/crafts (embroidery, beading, printing fabrics), whether there is a female bias to the people they are helping. There is lots of interesting information about on how, if you invest in women and small female businesses via things like micro loans, there is a comparatively large increase in standards of living. For more on micro loans see here.

It is the best of both worlds really because I actively want to buy/wear these clothes. I particularly like their maxi silhouettes - great colours, simple, elegant, comfy, swooshy. I love this kind of thing. Also, a little bit of me totally thinks I'll look like Daria if I were to have these clothes. There is realistic for you. Obviously I can't buy these clothes because they are a whole bunch of ways out of my price range but it makes me happy that some people probably will buy them.

Snaps to Maiyet.

Chuck x


  1. Urgh, these are just too beautiful

  2. Props to the founder, the clothes look gorgeous! And obviously Daria wearing them makes them even more so.. xx

  3. great pieces that i would happily own and/or stare at.

  4. I am dying over all of this, especially the teal {of course}!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. The cream dress with red flowers is really quite lovely

  6. The pieces are just lovely, loving the flow of the fabrics.

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