Friday, November 4, 2011

New Dream Coat

I saw this coat in Topman today and tried it on and it is so lovely. It is made from this beautiful, colour flecked Harris tweed. It has such a sweet little collar, hidden buttons and huge, deep pockets. Proper man pockets, not like those decorative ones you get on women's coats or, god forbid, pocket-less jackets! You can fit stuff in them and everything. I tried a Medium and it was just the right size over a jumper with the sleeves rolled up. It also reminded me of this A.P.C. number. Maybe it was because my hair was looking particularly ginger today and I was wearing a classic red lipstick but it looked mega awesome. Ladylike but masculine, elegant but comfortable - perfectly balanced. The only problem? It is £250...

Also, what do you think about this being menswear? The collar is as girly as anything I own but I guess there isn't anything wrong with men in girly clothes. Or maybe the material of the coat overrides the collar? Whatever. Love.

Chuck x


  1. I bought a jumper in Topman recently and my boyfriend was not impressed, he thinks we have enough clothes to choose from without stealing the ones meant for them! But yes, go for it, it's a lovely coat... hoping for that price that it's made in the UK - I think quite a few of their coats are. But maybe wait for the sale! x