Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Loaf 3

Check out that strata! Sexy, yes? Managed to do away with the giant cavern hole this time round - added more flour and it totally worked. Weirdly, the mixture seemed wetter and more difficult to work with. No idea why. Anyone know? I slightly under-cooked Loaf 2 so the crust wasn't all that it could be and the centre was slightly too moist. Overcompensated this time by over-cooking it and slightly burning the outside but I think I'd rather err on that side. Things I have learnt about sourdough - you can't really judge whether it is sufficiently cooked by crust colour. It may look golden and delicious but it could be a big sloppy mess in the middle. Listen to your cookbook, it knows better than you, and over-bake. Next thing I need to learn - how to make my sourdough taller. Just because I'm curious. I wonder if Albert (my starter) isn't energetic enough. Might try and perk him up by force of will. Did any of you start a starter?

N.B. Loaf 3 is seen styled (ha!) with Courgette and Fennel soup made by loverly boyf. Soup/stew/pie season is upon us. Possibly the best thing about winter, along with knitwear.

Chuck x


  1. Oh yarm! That looks delicious!

  2. YUM! And I'd love a recipe for that soup x

  3. Impressive! Very very impressive. Do you knit, too? I do. Not as often as I used to, but I find knitting really enjoyable, especially in winter. x