Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hunt Begins

I'm on the hunt for the mythical dress. I suspect it is like the Questing Beast and I shall chase it forever and ever without catching it. Some people seem to find this dress easily but it's not like that for me. It's a long and exhausting pursuit. The dress I'm talking about is the smart-casual, dress down for day, dress up for evening, correct for every occasion, perfect dress. I know that sounds like a lot to ask but some people own them so they clearly exist. Also, I think part of my brain is being sucked in by the onslaught of inevitable 'Sparkly Christmas Party Dresses' articles that are going around like a rash at the moment. Not that I have ever been or am ever likely to go to a party where a neon, glittery, lacy, mini bodycon dress is the appropriate attire but I like the idea of a Christmas party dress. In my head it should be elegant but luscious, chic but a little bit sexy, interesting and luxurious. I'm keen on the idea of the idea of black, navy and red; thick velvet, crepe and real lace. I don't want to go above the knee, I could go either way on sleeves. Mostly I don't want it to be tacky. I don't see how that should be too much to ask but looking at the high street it seems impossible sometimes.

Basically I want a new dress, possibly two, a casual, dress-up-able dress and my version of a Christmas party dress. I am not wearing any dresses at the moment and that makes me sad. I do have a few dresses but I haven't worn any of them in ages because they don't feel right. My vintage dresses are beautiful but they are too busty and too feminine and the very fitted waists aren't comfortable enough for all day wear. The rest are a handful of ancient jersey dresses that don't really feel relevant to how I dress/want to dress any more. So, I popped into my local (admittedly limited) Topshop to have a look round and a little try on...

1. The One that Made Me Look Bulky Pt. I. Also, the One that Failed to Live Up to My Expectations - I'd seen this one on the TS website and been intrigued by the idea of burgundy velvet but in reality it was too short, too stretchy, too cheap looking. The velvet was disappointingly short and it generally looked naff on me.

2. The One that Made Me Look Bulky Pt. II. Also, the One that Made Me Look like a Deranged 8 Year Old. Seriously, so bad. The cream was so unkind, the polyester was so unkind, the dress just made me look awful. Simultaneously underage and pregnant - a cruel and impressive combination. There is a kind of girl that is going to look very sweet in this but it is not for womanly bodies. I was feeling quite low at this point in the excursion.

3. The One that Surprised Me. You say bright orange-red leopard print, I say bad, but I actually quite liked this. It has a certain pizzazz! There is something Joanie about it. It is definitely more of a statement than I'm used to making though!

4. The One that Made Me Look Bulky Pt. III. Also, the One that Looks like a Nighty. This is one of my most stylish lady friends' go-to dress. She wears it a lot and it is just exactly what one would wish for from a day dress. It looks awesome on her. This is proof in a nutshell that works brilliantly on someone doesn't work brilliantly on everyone. Sadly, not good.

5. The One that I Really Liked. It wasn't perfect on the chest and I would prefer it to be longer but it is red, the crepe-y material is nice and the beading is surprisingly heavy and lovely. It is a sign how over-priced TS has become recently that I was pleasantly shocked that this was 'only' £85. Obviously I can't afford to buy it at £85 but I would have guessed £120 (which is ridiculous but hardly unheard of in TS). Hopeful.

6. The One that Made Me Feel like a Vamp. Very tight, black, thigh high split! I tried it on out of curiosity and actually quite enjoyed prancing around the changing room in it. I took a few profile pictures that were very bad on my poor tummy but that hasn't stopped me slyly liking it. It is just so excessive. Team with sexy heels and a strong lip/smokey eye and you would knock 'em dead! Leg-wear is tricky though, any normal tights expose what B calls your 'whore line' (as seen on me). Might have to be bare legs which isn't very winter-y. Even with a thigh split I can't quite resist the practical.

Also, do you like the way that I have 'modeled' all these dresses with my Vans? Very classy, I am. Have you seen any good dresses? I'm planning to max out the blogosphere for inspiration. Attractive, interesting and affordable - these are my watch word. What is your daily dress and your Christmas party dress?

Chuck x


  1. I like number 5 on you as well. Have you checked out any of the Cyber Monday sales today? Chuck, I'm in trouble. I have two weddings already planned for May of 2012 and will need to find some dresses!

  2. ohmygosh i love dress #2! hehe im a sucker for peter pan collars :P

  3. I like # 5 as well... red always looks good!!!

  4. I really liked #5 too, the fit is lovely, the colour is gorgeous, and I love the sleeves. But it's one of those things I wouldn't be able to repeat too often, because it's quite memorable. But you could have more styling ideas than I do.:)

  5. I loved 3 an 5! I popped into Topshop yesterday and felt over whelmed with how much stuff there was but you've inspired me to go back xx

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  7. I love the leopard print number and the red crepe one, although pricey! I can't believe how expensive dresses are there these days.. I had a look at the velvet one too and thought it looked a little cheap for the price, grr! xo

  8. love the leopard print. fab on you. I'm looking for long ish skirt and long sleeves for the christmas party. There is nothing out there! xx

  9. Let's say I admire you about doing this, I just can't do it. There is nothing to say fist one is the right one you should get.

  10. Ahhh I love the way you've written this, I felt that way about number 4 too! I've seen it on so many others looking lovely but it really didn't flatter me, I blame the jersey! I really like the red dress on you, sorry it costs so much though! Hopefully it'll go down in the sale? Maybe number 3 is a better option, price-wise.