Saturday, November 26, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

1. I have had Azealia Banks' 212 stuck in my head on loop since I read Bethan Holt's post on FEAL on Thursday. Seriously, who would have thought that a very filthy song about the joys of oral sex could be so catchy? Gosh, she has an amazingly potty mouth. I love it. I have a little bit of a girl crush... Adorable musical theatre geek cum bad ass filthpot. A mass of contradictions and top choon(s - hopefully). 

2. Look, pretty. I want this to be my winter events outfit. It is from French label Gat Rimon who produce much relaxed loveliness. This is it though. Long sleeves, navy, unexpected skin, naked back, olive, leather opera gloves... My love of leather opera gloves seems to be fairly constant. Maybe I should invest? Seen at Greedy Girl.

3. Susie turned me on to the Because beauty videos. Super cute and super quick, full of great music and inspiring make up tips. I want to try Susie's metallic panda eyes. And Erin's tomato lip. And the Tina Chow look... Basically all of them.

4. Pizza sleeping bag! No elaboration needed. Fondly reminds me of the Great Sleeping Bear. Via Rachel at Fur Coat.

5. Making the most of my Elle UK Kurt Geiger voucher. I very nearly bought this for real money and now I have got it for freesies! Deeply satisfactory.

I hope y'all having great weekends!

Chuck x


  1. haha that sleeping bag is awesome!! i totally want one now! :D

  2. big yes for the lovely green gloves. Get them on your christmas list! Also great new bracelet. x

  3. You got the watch for free?? So jealous!x

  4. Everyone's obsessed with Azealia Banks!

  5. I love all the beauty Because videos, espesh this Susie one xx

  6. That dress in no.2 is gorgeous! Also love the idea of sleeping under a pizza slice!

  7. Love this song! My cat is even into it, lol. Sorry to take so long to drop by, last week I was out of commission with work overload. Hoping all is well and that you are off to a wonderful week!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Nice list. & I proper love Azealia Banks (although I always spell her name wrong) have you heard of Iggy Azalea? She does the same sort of thing too...

    & pizza sleeping bag? Epic.