Sunday, November 6, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

(a little bit late)

1. How amazing are Elizabeth's latest Stella McCartney nails? She has crazy nail skillz. Also of note are her recent Christopher Kane aqua gel nails, her Versus and her Miu Miu inspired nails - see them all here. I definitely need to make more of an effort with my nails. She also makes fab Proenza Schouler inspired bracelets. Some people have all the talent.

2. I can't remember whose blog I saw this cuff on (sorry) but I love it. So simple and unisex but still beautiful. This, among a couple of hundred other favourites, is definitely going on my To Buy When I Have A Proper Paid Job list. I could happily wear it every day.

3. This was definitely Mallory. Seriously, eek! I LOVE this chocolate duvet set. R has banned it from our bed (I know, no taste) which is a tragedy but also possibly for the best since it would set my poor, beleaguered bank account back $265 AUD. Darn...

4. I know this COS collar is everywhere at the moment but, particularly after seeing it on Rachel, I just can't resist re-posting it. It is so perfect. Look at that lovely bib. Reminds me of the father in the Disney Peter Pan. Anyone else see that? I really think this would be a useful addition to my wardrobe - I do have a fine jumper collection - but €35 isn't really an option at the mo. I do have Christmas on the brain though so perhaps this could go on my gift list?

5. Occasionally I get sucked back into the glamorous world of Lisa Eldridge. This is one of those times. I watched a whole bunch this weekend but the one that struck me most was this beautiful liquid liner look. I'm planning on trying it in purple but I am blatantly just going to make a big mess. That should be fun though!

Hope y'all had a great weekend.

Chuck x 


  1. I'd never really thought about wearing a whole bib instead of just a collar, but I reckon that'd look dead cute!
    L x

  2. I love the nails! Why was I not born with that gift? Why?! xx

  3. Oh my god the Stella McCartney nails are awesome, about a billion times nicer than even the actual dress (which looked super-rough on Tess Daly on SCD). Have you been to Wah nails in Dalston? They do insane things.