Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Sunday Book: Coming Home - Rosamunde Pilcher

As you can see, this is a well loved book. Yellowing, well thumbed pages, crinkly sections from bath reading, battered edges, the gold rubbing off the cover... I can't imagine that it was new when the glorious VB got her hands on it. It has probably been read every couple of years since it was published in 1995. She certainly read it a whole bunch of times before she lent it to me and I'm so thrilled that she lent it to me. Have you ever had a book that you totally loved, instinctively, emotionally and nostalgically? A book that you loved despite the fact that you knew that it wasn't technically, academically a 'good' book? A book that you didn't want to tell people about or lend to people in case they didn't get it, in case they laughed and thought it was stupid, and that tarnished its loveliness to you? I've certainly got a couple and so does VB; Rosamunde Pilcher's Coming Home is one of her special books. Hence it was big and brave of her to lend it to me.

Luckily (phew!) I loved it too. It is such a lovely book - all warm and comforting and chocolaty. Sure, there are those who will argue about the nutritional value but more important is how delicious it is and how good it makes you feel. Lots of old favourites; 1930s, boarding schools, expats and the colonies, glamorous second families with mothers in maribou and handsome, dashing sons, horses and coastlines, Cornwall, young love, betrayal, WW2, Wrens and pilots, the Blitz, loss and heartbreak, Ceylon, death and reunions, sisters, romantic realisations, peace, innocent young girls maturing into beautiful, thoughtful young women... It is heart-warming and gripping, there is buckets of plot and adventure and the characters, particularly the heroine, Judith, are delightful.

A big, warm, emotional hug of a book. Hence being photographed with chocolate - millionaire's shortbread no less, that is how delicious the book is. Also, I bought a whole tray of millionaire's shortbread from Waitrose reduced from £2.39 to £0.10!!  In fact, I bought three trays. Today's major achievement. We suspect that there is a rogue reducer in our local shop because last week we scored many packets of crumpets for 10p each too. It is simultaneously a wondrous miracle and no real surprise that I can't fit into any of my clothes at the moment...

Chuck x

P.S. Thanks VB! Love you.


  1. Very excited about your mega bargains! Congrats. I always feel a good book is like a blanket and a cup of coco on a cold night.

  2. This is my favourite book ever, and for someone who devours books like I do, that is some going. I just love everything about 'Coming Home,' Goodness, I think your description above is devine.
    Do you ever read a book and think - "Goodness, it would be heaven to be dropped into it, and live it." That is how I feel about this book, its utterly devine.
    The TV production was good value, I felt they portrayed all the characters with nearly all the right actors