Sunday, October 23, 2011

New to Me

L: Gallery 4 available on Asos Marketplace

These are three of my favourite new (new to me) designers from the latest round of fashion shows. Well, I'm not sure if Gallery 4 showed anywhere but I found them at about the same time. Also, forget about New York, Paris or Milan, these are all London/UK based. That is an accident on my part although it probably stands to illustrate the way that London is a hotbed for young talent (hello - yours truly!). I'm always interested to see new designers and their work, particularly so if they tick my aesthetic boxes, as these do. It is exciting to find people/designers/collections that mesh with your personal taste and push you to think about the clothes you wear on a daily basis.

Obviously none of these designers are very outré. And they have some striking similarities... What can I say? I like what I like and I like:

  • Muted tones and pastels that aren't really pastels - dove grey, washed out nude, oyster, soft but steely blue, heather, very pale peach.
  • Soft, draping fabrics - silk, worn chiffons and georgettes, the occasional touch of satin, buckets of fluid jersey. I want things to hang and float and drift and swoosh.
  • Interesting, abstract prints - watercolours, splatters, dark and messed about photographics, collages of familiar images that you can't quite recognise. As much as I love Mary Katrantzou's hyper real digital prints, and I do love them, they wouldn't slide very smoothly into my existing wardrobe.
  • Maxis - see 'Drape and Swoosh' as per above.
  • Pockets - fairly self-explanatory, I hate being without pockets.
The above designers all feature aspects of my Favourites List but they also go beyond it. Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones encourage me to be romantic and to reconsider a little my opinion on tailoring. When tailoring is this soft, fluid and comfortable looking there might be room for it in my life. Maki Aminaka and Marcus Wilmont show me that florals don't have to be sweet, chintzy or girly - they can be armour! Louise Rhodes and Amy Moreton remind me that I need to stop cutting my muted tones with black and brave an all pastel outfit. Also, why don't I own a beautiful, printed maxi when they consistently one of my favourite things?? Oh yes, because the high street don't seem to make them. This might be an item worth saving up for...

What do you think? What are the things you look for over and over again? How do you think about your wardrobe?

Chuck x


  1. lovely post <3
    do you want to follow each other maybe?
    let me know :)

  2. The embellished maxi skirt is beautiful!
    L x

  3. i wear alot of shirts so usually just head straight for chambray and oxford shirts. it's my easy go-to look.

    get saving