Wednesday, October 5, 2011

High Street Dress Up

I don't actually hit the high street very often. I read magazines, I admire blogger buys and I browse stores online but I don't go out and hit the ol' bricks and mortar shops all that much. You have to get there, they're always noisy and overheated, there are lots of horrid people... I just don't enjoy it as much as I used to. I remember, back in the day, when the idea of a day spent out shopping was thrilling. Not so anymore! Still, once in a while, it is fun to go in person and test fabrics and play dress up and try on a whole bunch of stuff.

Metallics, polka dots, cableknits, neon, pleats and brocade.

I didn't actually buy anything though! A) I'm well broke and I'm putting myself on a major budget and B) the more you use ebay the harder it is to buy full price high street clothes. The quality so rarely warrants the price. I was severely tempted by the Dotty P skirt which is pleated and covered in little stars. Warehouse also has a great selection of jumpers at the moment and you know how much I like a nice jumpy!

The middle jumper is faux Rodarte and the right hand jumper is faux Marant but I really like the first one. It might come onto ebay eventually...

Chuck x


  1. That spotted topshop dress is amazing, especially on you!

  2. Love these jumpers, too. I'm also not a big fan of shops for the same reason. Hardly ever get there and prefer browsing on-line. x

  3. So crazy for knitwear at the moment! That yellow zara jumper is pure awesome.

  4. You look super snazzy as per. Love the red varsity jacket with the green jumpie. This definitely inspired me to get up and get to westers by 10 am which was blissfully neither overheated or noisy.