Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

1. Look at Fever and Few's mad new kitten scarf! So bonkers, so good. I really think that could be my catchphrase. It is certainly one of my key aesthetic mantras. Just looking at this scarf cracks me up - he is so fat and stately, it is so saccharine and ironic, it would make such an excellent scarf. I love everything about it.

2. The boyf described Lindsey Thornburg's Darby dress as 'elemental' which is surprisingly apt. A unexpected shot of insight! I really like the sense of fire and air in the print - pretty and interesting but not shouty. It also looks like it would be a joy to wear; soft, drapey, swooshy and comfortable. That could be my alternative catchphrase. Seen at the ever inspiring Honey Kennedy.

3. I'm sure most of you will have seen these Ancient Greek Sandals on StyleBubble but I thought I would put them up here too because they really resonated with me. I wonder if there is a way to say 'resonate' without sounding like a dweeb? My eyeballs just bonded with their simplicity, natural colours and interesting, artisan details. I wish it was summer (and I had a bigger budget) so I could wear them every single day. I can't imagine getting bored of these.

4. How cute is baby Leo?? For the most part I have sat out the current big 90s fashion re-run. Not because I dislike it on others but simply because I don't have the energy to commit to it myself. It all seems so recent - I've only just been there, I don't need to do it again yet. This hilarious (so bonkers, so good) Stylist's Own Romeo maxi dress is almost enough to make me reconsider though. Like almost everyone I have a soft spot for Romeo + Juliet. The sound track, the costumes, the setting, the attractive cast members, oh yeah, the Shakespeare. This dress takes me back to my emotion-drenched youf.

5. Puppies. That is all. I nearly bought Hanna Melin's dog print at the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend but unfortunately I didn't have any cash. Will have to admire it across the internet instead. All of the dogs.

Happy weekend y'all. I'm mega excited about the big fat sleep I'm about to have. It's going to be so goooood. You might think I'm uncool but you would be wrong!

Chuck x


  1. Baby Leo is so much better looking than grown up fat Leo. I hope you have a lovely fat sleep and a great weekend