Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

1. This dress from Honor's SS12 collection took my breath away a little bit. The star is the absent collar obviously but also check out the swoosh and flow, the gentle colour and great shoes, the quiet loveliness of it all. A pastel maxi and brogues - bring it! This also looks like it should be a more flattering alternative to the peter pan collar which I love but isn't kind on the ol' bust. Anyway, perfectly delightful. Admire more of the collection at the line sheet, it is super sweet.

2. Ahaha, love Lassie and love this 'bitches n hoes' t-shirt from Gordon Holden. Very silly. Seen at The Coquette.

3. These embroidered vintage photos by artist Stacey Page are beautiful and surreal. I wouldn't have the balls to risk the pictures but I'm glad that she did. Page's work is yet another fascinating and lovely discovery for me from Izmay Ozga's blog - one of my favourites.

4. This geek chic shoot by Jackie Dixon of Show Me Your Wardrobe is just a bit great. Jumpers and shirts and odd trousers and weird hair and clunky shoes... So many of the best things! (So many of the things I like). It all feels very British. I love the nonchalant attitude and the excellent styling by Gemma Hayward.

5. Tricia of ventricular projects reminded me of the In God We Trust 'really fucking cute' necklace. I have long term love for them although I would go for the 'crazy sexy cool' one myself because I am crazy sexy cool, you know. I can't remember why I didn't buy one first time round since they are only $50. Maybe they don't ship to the UK? I didn't really do my research. If they do ship internationally I would also like the bitty heart ring. Lots of jewellery for me.

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? My plans extend to eating lots of cake. That is as far as it has got at the moment. Not that that isn't an awesome plan obviously! This week seems to have sapped me of coherence. Oh dear. Bed now. Night y'all.

Chuck x


  1. That "bitches and hoe" shirt is too much!

    I need this shirt in my life!

  2. Dying over the Bitches and Hoe tee!

  3. The pic from that shoot is so cute - I love the combination of pink and red.