Monday, October 17, 2011

Chris de Burgh All Over this Town

So this is unexpected... I have never never been a red kind of gal. I've historically steered well clear because lots of shades violently wash me out. And there are all those connotations of being a lady in red (See Chris de Burgh, Exhibit A). Red is sex and power and divas and Golden Age goddesses, all of which I admire and none of which I identify myself with. And yet, look what's happened to my wardrobe. Look at all that red! It has crept in while I've had my back turned. I've always had red lipstick and I bought the red heels in a fit of passion when I was 17 (and have worn them consistently since then - good buy, 17 year old me). I hadn't thought of the scarf as red, it is tomato-y orange, until I saw it in the context of my ruby hoard. The rest has miraculously appeared in the last few months.

Scarf - old H&M / Vest - Cos (ebay) / Heels - old Topshop
Suede Skirt - Topshop (ebay) /  / Trousers - Asos (ebay) / Espadrilles - Majorcan supermarket (€3!)
'Love' Beret - Chatham Girl (awesome birthday present!)

I blame Acne and Charles Anastase and also maybe Dr Martens. And all the delicious wine tones that are out and about at the moment - burgundy, bordeaux and port. Surprisingly forgiving on pasty English skin. So rich and decadent. Now I'm going to have to re-assess my character... Darn it!

Have you embraced any new and unexpected colours recently?

Chuck x


  1. I'm actually running away from a complete black wardrobe... love the idea of colors!

  2. Nicely done - I just received a red scarf and am slightly more inspired by colour

  3. oo these items look interesting together. I love the rusty burgundy side of red, perfect for Autumn xx

  4. lots of black and grey ! but wine - yes - yum !

  5. Nice colour!

  6. Love this shade for Autumn/Winter!

  7. all the red here is FANTASTIC! some times a punchy hue just sneaks up on you. :)

    dash dot dotty