Monday, October 24, 2011

At the End of my Legs

It makes me happy to look down on these. They are all the things I like. Blissfully comfy but totally awesome shoes (they have spongy, padded soles!). Warm, dry feet. Lace ups. Chunky socks. Grey. Ribbed knits. Grubby black denim. Rolled cuffs. I LOVE cuffs and rolled hems - I am all about them. I think it harks back to my misspent youth. Did anyone else go through that mega flare phase when they were 11-13? It was a massive thing at my school - denim and fluorescent cords with each hem about a metre wide. They had to go over your shoes and, gosh, they got disgusting. Because they kept behind trodden on they got all dirty and frayed. You would trail grubby strands of trouser. Worst of all though, they acted as straws to rain water and puddles, metres and metres of soft fabric soaking up all the liquid in sight. I remember one particularly unpleasant incident when we went on a school trip to London and it rained all day and the streets were slick with dutty London town water and my (bright pink cord flared) trousers sucked up water past my knees. PAST MY KNEES. It was so disgusting. Short, skinny jeans were a revelation to me. Dry legs! I never want to wear trousers past the ankle again. I wonder if I will change my mind - fashion makes people fickle but I just can't picture it.

What do you want to see when you look down?

Chuck x


  1. Haha I remember jeans like that. And all our parents thought it was disgusting and we thought it was so cool

  2. Ha, I definitely remember that feeling from my youth!

  3. I want to see the perfect short winter boots that will go with all my trousies. It rained yesterday, it's time for my ballet flats to hibernate. Love your header picture. Camber sands? x

  4. I never went through a flares phase, but I remember jeans that soaked up rain as soon as there was so much as an inkling of it in the air. My school trousers did it too! Loving your ankles out looks (your jeans in the 4th picture below are brilliant!) & it pleases me to see my ankles below orange trousers clad in black socks & creepers. Hell to the yes.