Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm not traditionally a slogan t-shirt kind of a gal but these 2k t-shirts are so cheerful and graphically pleasing. I'm picturing them buried under many layers of shirts and cardigans and jackets and scarfs for winter. You know, just cheekily peaking out and not being brash or obnoxious. 2k by Gingham just seem to have a t-shirt for all my moods and desires; a t-shirt for when I'm feeling optimistic, sentimental, nihilistic, French; a t-shirt for when I'm feeling 80s dance-tastic or for when I'm craving toast and soul music (which is pretty much all the time). The phrase 'hot buttered soul' actually makes my mouth water. Such an effective turn of phrase. Obviously the danger of that particular t-shirt is that every time I caught a glimpse of myself I would crave toast. Them's the risks.

These t-shirts are all $35 which is about £22 and pretty reasonable in my book and I would be on them like a rash (or at least on one of them) if it wasn't for the $33 international shipping charge! Why?? I hate it when companies do that. Spoiling my fun with their ridiculous charges... I guess it saves me from making a choice though. I'm not very good at choices.

What do you think? Can the general toe curling awfulness of slogan t-shirts ever be redeemed? On special occasions? Where there are references to toast?

Chuck x


  1. I do wish you would stop finding awesome things.

  2. I love the doom one. And loving the new blog header xx

  3. These shirts are curiously awesome - checing them out now!

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