Monday, September 5, 2011


Hola chicas! I'm back! I can tell that you are thrilled. I am rested and sunned and well read and very full of saucisson and cheap wine. Holidays are blissful things. Since I am still in the holiday spirit here are some light-hearted videos... Alber Elbaz is just the most adorable thing. I want to cuddle him until he bursts! Love Karen and Raquel and the bad bad dancing too. Bad dancing ranks high in my list of favourite things to do, it is a close second to bad singing (at which I excel).

This is cute. 100 years of fashion, period outfits, snazzy dancing. Nice idea, yes?

Just because this is one of my favourite things ever. "If we can make them brush their tongues, we can make them do anything!"

Mmm... Bedtime now. I hope you've had a great fortnight.

Chuck x


  1. glad you had a good hol (quite jealous of the sun and cheap wine and saucisson...) I love the Westfield video, the dance moves are inspired x

  2. i love love love LOOOVE that second video, its just brilliant and what fab clothes. what great picks and glad you had a fab hol too