Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unfortunate Hat Maths

I really want a hat (a good, solid, wide-brimmed fedora) + Accessorize has two very smart, wide-brimmed fedoras in fetching purple and teal + I have an Accessorize voucher that I have been struggling to spend = Happy times all round?

No! Because One Size fits none. M/L is generally insufficient as a hat sizing option for me, One Size was never going to happen. Nonetheless, I spent twenty minutes wandering around an Accessorize trying to persuade myself that hats didn't actually need to fit on your head and they totally still look good perched unsteadily atop it. Not true.

So, here you are, my small headed sisters. Enjoy these smart and reasonably priced hats. I will continue on in my quest to find a suitably giant hat and to spend my voucher... Woe is hatless me.

Chuck x


  1. Frenchie makes fun of my literal big-headedness all the time. Best of luck in your hat search and let me know if you find any suitable ones!

  2. Boo how annoying! I've got quite a small head yet I generally also find that one size fits none! xo