Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Clothes that I've Worn 'n' Stuff

Catchy title, right? Yet another sign that I'm not really destined to be a personal style blogger. That and my lack of internet USP, my inconsistencies of taste and the fact that I haven't done one of these in something like six months. What can I say, life has got in the way.

Also, my photo quality... I know, they are rubbish but they get the basic point across (I hope). I thought that back when I bought my new and very lovely camera there would be a massive leap in the quality of these photos but it turns out that my crap old camera was the least of my problems. The real issue is that I hate being the focus of a photo which means I have very little patience with my picture taking. I feel instantly uncomfortable and awkward and I want to get the whole process over with as soon as possible and so I rush through it clumsily. It is a good day when I manage to take three pictures before I get too twitchy which doesn't give me much to work with. I don't have the time, literally or emotionally, to be faffing around with trying to position my camera and rushing around for auto-timers. The longer I have to pose the more uncomfortable the photo looks. A poseur I may be but a poser I am not! Similarly, editing means spending excess time looking at myself looking awkward so I like to skip that too. Anyway, hence the lo-fi pictures. I'm consistently interested in other people's daily style choices though so I thought I would share these nonetheless. No judgement here?

Other things to be noted from these pictures, i) I need to Windolene that mirror pretty badly, ii) I really need to finish unpacking and tidy the hell up! Such a scruffpot. My poor mother.

Chuck x


  1. Hehe these are cool. I'm not a big fan of being the focus of photos either, I'm not the sort that can have hundreds taken to find a good one, I just have about 6 taken and hope for the best! I love your outfits, particularly number 2. xx

  2. You need to own these style shots. Lo-fi is amazing and you look awesome. :)

  3. Your first outfit is really quite adorable

  4. All very cute outfits; I love your red skirt in the first pic! And I love the low-fi approach. I also consider it a bonus that I get to see the room you're in. I love to see how people set their places up. xx