Monday, September 26, 2011

Sabina Kasper

I want jewellery please. Lots of it! Actually, that's not true. I would like a couple of beautiful pieces to wear regularly. My everyday jewellery 'wardrobe', as it were, is quite limited. All the gold colour has rubbed off the chain of my go to necklace and it looks all grotty. That will teach me to buy cheap metals. Tricky to get hold of a simple, thin, short-ish real gold chain to replace it with though. Any suggestions?

Aside from that small, practical purchase I would also like more or less everything Sabina Kasper has ever made. Or just one or two pieces. Even that would perk up my jewellery box immeasurably! She just makes beautiful, interesting jewellery - velour coated chunky chains, paint splashed tourmalines, grey diamonds, sprinklings of fine chains, delicately decorated Tahitian pearls, amethyst with doves... One statement piece and one slim line, delicate piece? Done. Apparently she is stocked by Liberty and Dover Street Market in the UK but I can't find any online stockists so I have no gage on prices. Will just have to pop to Liberty in person and have a look/try them all on and run away wearing them and cackling loudly.

Aren't they shockingly lovely?

Chuck x


  1. I don't love wearing jeweley, but that doesn't mean that I'm not always tempted by the lovely work that's been out lately;) I really like the one in the centre of the second row. xx

  2. Ooh nice! I love the velour covered chain in the top left hand corner. Some nice pleated leather necklaces on her website as well.

    This website: - sells both finished and unfinished (ie you buy the length you want and put on your own clasps) gold chain. I haven't bought from them but the prices don't seem too bad...

  3. I love these--dainty colorful rings fit right into my jewelry obsession!