Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hannah Zakari, Edinburgh

Back in the day (maybe two weeks ago) when I was in Edinburgh I wandered into a lovely little shop. Hannah Zakari is on Candlemaker Row and has a well stocked online store and is super cute. It also stocks loads of artists whose work I have loved from afar for years - Gemma Correll, Kate Wilson, Gill McCollZara Carpenter... It was a great reminder of people I had, if not forgotten, neglected recently. I need to commit to  them now that I am no longer living in a dutty student flat. Support small/awesome artists and all that. Just need to find some mahoney - cue digging around down the back of the sofa. Also, because the internet is a small place, I was admiring Ashley G's amazing 'I'd Rather Be Sleeping' print just as Queen Michelle was posting about it. Never a truer word was spoken. Sleep is the best of all things.

I could have bought almost everything in the shop (you know, in the magic fantasy land in my head) but if I absolutely had to narrow it down to the bare minimum of things I 'need' then below would be my perfect list. I would like all of these please. Fairy godmother?

I mean, just look at that bear! So handsome. Bears are definitely in my top three animals.

Chuck x


  1. I looove those prints. I'm amazed you didn't just swoop up everything to take home

  2. I love browsing on her website, so much goodness!