Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Away with You

I'm off to Rome for a couple of days tomorrow. I was going to be hyper organised and write some scheduled posts but I got sucked into reading food and travel blogs and adding pizzerias and gelaterias to my list of places to visit. I'm going to have to eat 3 pizzas and 4 ice creams a day to get through it! If you are heading to Rome anytime soon I would suggest Parla Food. I can't verify the deliciousness of her recommendations but they look amazing. I'm so excited - they are going to have to roll me onto the plane home!

To reconcile yourself to my absence (hard I know) may I direct you towards Kris Atomic's LFW photo site. It is totally utterly gorgeous. Wonderful pictures, possibly the best fashion week pictures I've ever seen? That seems like a big claim. They definitely have to be in the top five though.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Chuck x