Sunday, August 7, 2011

Recent Eats

Panzanella - the internet doesn't seem to have any consistent recipe for the tomato and bread salad and none of the ones I saw suited me so I cheerfully made mine up. This was prompted by a 'reduced to clear'  bread sticker and subsequent bread excess. I roasted my bread with olive oil and garlic and left it to soak with roasted tomatoes and peppers and fresh tomatoes. There was also basil and balsamic and plenty of classic Mediterranean flavours. A cheap and delicious use of leftovers.

Raspberry tart - the Maison Bertaux wouldn't make my London Top Ten list (overpriced, unfriendly, poor iced coffee) but it is rather picturesque and the patisserie is beautiful and reliable, if not revolutionary. Also, the history is interesting - it is 140 years old!

Porcini & Pancetta pasta bake - this recipe was from Simon Hopkinson's The Good Cook show. I know he has been getting under a lot of people's skins but this was delicious. I got a lovely birthday present in the shape of a big jar of hand picked and dried mushrooms (porcini and others) and this was a perfect showcase for them - creamy and mushroomy, luxurious but not over-powering. It went down a storm with my friends!

Raclette - Kappacasein have been forced to leave Borough Market and their new home is a bit tricky to find but it is worth it if you are a cheese fan (which I totally am!). The raclette, which I had, was good but the toasted cheese sandwich, which R had, was divine. It required super human levels of restraint not to run away with it. Super yumz.

Chuck x


  1. Wow! Delightful and yummy!
    My mouth is salivating.....

  2. yum yum and more yum.. you always make me salivate with your posts (in the most appropriate way possible) x

  3. mmmm yum. So glad you agree about Maison Bum Face. I haven't been in years and even then they were nothing to write home about. Poor tea. Dry cake. I don't appreciate the pretty without the delicious. x

  4. All I can say is YUM! that raspberry tart is adorable.