Saturday, August 6, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

a) Even ignoring the 'brilliantly boring' clothes the new APC lookbook is a thing of glory. Just a lovely thing to look at. It makes me want to organise my wardrobe chromatically (and buy up the whole of APC). Damn their website being closed! Via The Guardian.

2) Simply a beautiful white dress. From Loup Charmant and available here.

3) I've only just seen pictures from Edwin Oudshoorn's latest collection and this floral cape is totally beautiful. Apparently the collection is inspired by a Pink Triangle survivor but I don't think that is particularly clear from the clothes. I also question whether that is tactful/in good taste. I don't think that art (and fashion?) necessarily should be limited only to what is tasteful but this does make me slightly uncomfortable... What do you think? In other news, the last known Pink Triangle survivor Rudolf Brazda has died aged 98 and I need to watch Paragraph 175. Anyway, the cape is lovely.

4) How had I not heard about the Errol Morris documentary Tabloid (follow link for trailer)? More to the point, how had I never heard of Joyce McKinney?? According to the tabloids she kidnapped and raped her Mormon boyfriend and then possibly went to prison and maybe cloned her dog! The woman sounds bonkers, the film looks hilarious and it is definitely on my To Watch list. Thanks Cat Party.

5) I know that some people class lavender as an old lady scent but I am rather fond of it. A nice peppery lavender or a soft, powdery lavender is a fine thing. Scent aside it is a lovely looking plant and I have been thinking about buying myself some for my windowsill for a while. Alkemie's lavender bangle is similarly beautiful and would look lovely with so many things, for example, the Loup Charmant dress...

I am very happy and full of curry. Londoners, have you been to the Lahore Kebab House? I might write about it some time - it is sooo good! I love Indian food (gross generalisation, sorry), it makes me happy. My sinuses are so clear! Technically the Lahore is a Pakistani grill. Either way, delicious and BYOB. A brilliant and dangerous idea.

Anyhoo, I hope you are enjoying your weekends.

Chuck x


  1. That lavender bracelet is divine!

  2. OMG. That APC thing is AWESOME! I really want something of theirs, but, sigh, vvvv expensive for me!

  3. Oh I love apc! The clothes are so simple and reallly showcase the wearer!