Friday, August 26, 2011

Edinburgh Eats

So my photo taking habits are sporadic at best; here we have lots of pictures of one of the places I ate in Edinburgh, a couple of a few and none of most. Does that make sense? Possibly not. Almost all the pictures here are of Peter's Yard but you must understand that it was very hard not to take lots of pictures - it was totally beautiful. I wouldn't recommend the cardamom bun or the hot chocolate (both decidedly average) but the kladdkaka (a dense, sunken chocolate cake) and the passion fruit tart were yummy and the breads and open sandwiches looked excellent. Mostly though I was entranced by the Scandinavian loveliness of it all - pale wood, brown paper, black boards and minimalism, busy but quiet, handsome, friendly staff... Beautifully presented, all in all, and an excellent place to nibble knäckebröd and watch the world go by.

The picture in the top right is a really rubbish photo of Spoon. I had better ones but they all had R in and he 
wasn't willing to make a public appearance. Ignore my picture and concentrate on the fact that Spoon is a café in central Edinburgh with plenty of comfy seats and a relaxed atmosphere even in the middle of the festival. *Gasp*. I wouldn't recommend the home-made lemon and ginger tea (it was very sweet and not very gingery - I don't like mine that way but maybe it is your cup of tea? pun alert) but I've been reliably informed that the home made ginger beer is excellent. A perfect place to snuggle up with a novel and while away a deliciously decadent chunk of time without waiting staff trying to crowbar you out of the door. 

On the bottom right we have Oink - the home of hog roast. I have profiled my love for Oink before but this time we have an action photograph! A bun full of sage and onion stuffing, tomato and chilli relish and mouth-wateringly amazing roasted pork. Also, check out the cheeky bit of crackling on the side. It is impossible to eat these neatly (at least for clumsy folk like myself) but that is all part of the fun. I couldn't go to Edinburgh and not grab one of these. Imo, one of the greatest fast/slow food ideas.

Other, un-photographed eats:
  • Mum's: I have a major grievance with this place, something that grates on me badly... Where is the appostrophe!? I've put it in because I can't do without it but they need to airbrush it in to all their signs and promotional material because this is not on! I'm largely disinterested in grammar but there is a limit, people. Aside from that this is a really fun place - 70s wallpaper, top choons and many many variants on bangers and mash. I had Auld Reekie smoked sausages with chipotle and cheese mash and classic gravy; R had herb and leek sausages with classic mash and caramelized onion gravy; PB had the Auld Reekies too with the onion gravy and black pudding and apple mash because she is weird...
  • Anstruther Fish Bar: Best. Fish and chips. Ever. *Drool*
Btw, this is being auto-posted so apologies if the format is messed up. I think it is playing tricks with me and I'm not sure if it will behave... Troublesome beast. I will be hitting up my little spot of summer sun (fingers crossed), wallowing with my book and doing absolutely nowt. Woop!

Chuck x


  1. Your posts make me so hungry. Always.

  2. The pics from your travels look fantastic - makes me want to go to Edinburgh!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Peter's Yard, off to Scotland next week with a day in Edinburgh so that's lunch sorted for the day. Love your blog.

    Lydia from

  4. It's no secret that Edinburgh is one of my great loves - I am so envious of your recent trip there! I too have indulged in one of those delicious pork buns - my mouth is watering with the memory!
    Lovely blog x