Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bonnie Scotland

So I thought there was going to be internet in Edinburgh... I mean, I guess there was internet in Edinburgh generally but, unfortunately, not specifically. The friend I was staying with was sans internet which meant that I had dragged my 19st laptop up North for nothing other than a minor back injury. I was psyched about blogging-on-the-go, live-action-blogging, all these things but it was not to be. I did get to play on someone's ipad and I commented on a few blogs and it was awesome! I want an ipad a lot (more) now. A lot a lot. There just so cute and light and they totally wouldn't compact your spine in medically worrying ways...

Anyway, Edinburgh was lovely. The shows that we watched were a bit hit and miss but the food was excellent and that is always my priority one. The city was beautiful and we went up the coast as well and I love it so much. So quiet and peaceful. We also went to the Museum of Scotland (bottom picture) which was wonderful and there will be more on that and the eats later.

Has anyone else been up to the Fringe this year? Did you watch anything great that I can now totally regret not seeing?

Chuck x


  1. i've been to edinburgh but sadly not during the fringe. someday..... someday.

  2. I was dreaming of being in Scotland today. And then I saw your photos.... way to make me feel sad!

  3. Aaaw this looks lovely! I might be going to Edinburgh next year, send me some good recommendations of where to go? ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. I miss the Fringe! I usually go up for a week each August (my parents live there, so hello free accommodation) but I couldn't swing it with holiday time this year.

    My usual Fringe recommendation is David o'Doherty, he is a small Irish man with a vintage Casio keyboard who sings silly songs.